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Cotton Take That Sleeveless Shells

This basic shell will give you much needed relief of how to get comfortable, fashionable coverage where you need it most! This sleeveless Tznius shells help complete any dress, vest, jumper or anything requiring extra coverage! Wear this amazing shell, and feel super comfortable and confident in all your outfits.

COLORS: Black, White, Off- White, Cream, Navy, Brown, Grey, Pink, Mustard, Turq, Yellow, Peach, Coral & Mint.

(We may have additional colors available, call or emails us and we'll check what we have in stock)

SIZES: XS - XXL (we may have some XXS in some colors call or email us to see if we have them)

SIZEING INFO: The "Take That" Shells fit to size like the "Linda Leal Shells. They are not cut small like the KikiRiki Shells

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