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Cotton Take That 3/4 Sleeve Shells

This basic shell will give you much needed relief of how to get comfortable, fashionable coverage where you need it most! This 3/4 sleeve Tznius shells help complete any dress, vest, jumper or anything requiring extra coverage! Wear this amazing shell, and feel super comfortable and confident in all your outfits.

COLORS: Black, White, Off- White, Cream, Navy, Brown, Grey, Pink, Mustard, Turq, Yellow, Peach, Coral & Mint.

(We may have additional colors available, call or emails us and we'll check what we have in stock)

SIZES: XS - XXL (we may have some XXS in some colors call or email us to see if we have them)

SIZEING INFO: The "Take That" Shells fit to size like the "Linda Leal Shells. They are not cut small like the KikiRiki Shells

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